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Most effective self defense items?

The most effective self-protection weapons, yet, are those who aren't as noticeable  as a knife, taser, etc. For example, a cane -- whether needed for walking or not -- makes a great weapon. An umbrella with a sharp point in the end additionally makes a good weapon, as does a spiked high heel shoe or a really hefty bag that may be used for bashing. 

Since you can see, you could be adequately "equipped" without being "equipped" at all. You will need a license to carry a firearm, and taking a knife that could do any actual damage is illegal in most states. Wearing spiked heels and taking a bag and umbrella, however, is legal in most states! Check out my friends blogs at karatechops and karatetough. They have some interesting comments on martial arts 

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Thought About The Ninja and Their Equipment For Climbing

I have always loved how the ninja could scale a wall quickly or hide in a dark shadow. ever since I saw those old 80's movies i have been in love with the ninja. I finally found a place where I can order that climbing equipment: http://www.realninjagear.com/ninja/climbing-equipment/.For those of you who do not know what this looks like here is a picture of one of the best known ninja masters:


This si Stephen Hayes. The foremost authority on modern ninja training and their tactics.


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How They Do It In Japan

Training Shotokan in Japan

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What Style of Karate Do You Prefer?

This is a very vague question really. I get this question alot. I would have to say they style that fits me best is Shotokan. Now is this the right style for everyone? I do not think so. But for me I likethe straight forwardness of the style. Very fast punching and it does not rely on flashy moves.

Some people prefer the high kicks of TKD or even Tang Soo Do. My legs do not stretch that far.. even with years of stretching. So the style of karate that is best is the one thats right for yuo!